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At that point, someone might like or comment on what you have to say.

Otherwise, the hours you spend posting about your product, service, or even general advice will yield little to no fruit. Traditional distribution services no longer work. No respectable writer references wires for publish-worthy news. Stop spending money on aggregation services that, at best, syndicate your content without driving any real eyeballs.

Public Relations for Small Business: What You Need to Know

Guest blogging is an awesome strategy to grow your brand—you introduce your product to new people, while also linking directly to your site. Taking such a short-sighted approach is offputting, and may make more relevant sites ignore your requests. Talking about yourself is one of the most ineffective PR strategies. What are you doing to help clients overcome complicated problems? You have to get out there and connect with the journalists directly over social media or through their media websites. When you pitch, make sure your story is customized to them and is something they personally would be interested in writing about.

Research before you pitch.

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The notion that only big outlets matter needs to go for three reasons. First, it helps to have a mix of occasional, high-impact coverage, as well as having saturated coverage in more niche communities. Press can drive traffic and perhaps even convert customers, but its typically a one-time boost. Entrepreneurs need to view PR as part of a holistic strategy and leverage it past the initial story. Take distribution into your own hands and advertise press to your target customers through channels like Facebook.

10 low-cost PR strategies for startups and small businesses | CIO

This is a hands-on idea that may be appropriate to coordinate in a small scale within the boundaries of your business. Not every studio has the finances to conduct an event like this, however, if your students attach or relate to a specific story or organization they may feel inclined to organize the event with the help of your staff, of course.

Be sure that whomever is teaching knows where your students come from and if they are impressed, they may point potential students in the direction of your studio. Hold parents night out events and invite families that do not have students who belong to your studio. If the kids have fun they will likely want to come back!

Show them a good time and create a theme that boys and girls within a specific age range will relate to and have fun with.

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Be sure that all of the local newspapers and schools know about your performances and events. You can inform them in the form of a press release, poster or flyer.

How to do your own PR as a small business

It is a great idea to make connections with local journalists. Let them know what is unique about your business and what you are doing to stand out in the community. In addition to an educational and enriching teaching curriculum, it is vital that any dance studio utilize community-building tools available to them.

7. Google Alerts

Public relations allows for transparency and can be a great way to invite new students and business partners in to your studio. If community members can get an idea as to what your organization is all about, they will be more likely to participate in your upcoming events.

Dance is a very people-friendly business. While it is important to maintain a connection to people on social networks including Twitter and Facebook, it is also very important that people who are directly involved in your neighborhood community know all about your studio. These locals are your potential clients, donors, and event-goers so a vital aspect of public relations within dance studios involves connecting with these people on a personal level.

Have you used any of these techniques to promote your dance studio in your local area? What PR strategies have worked best for you?

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Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and feedback. Just be sure to respond quickly when a request fits your area of expertise and HARO covers just about all industries , since there could be plenty of competition. Reach out to social media influencers.

There Is No Magic Marketing Strategy

Forty percent of respondents stated that they bought something online after they saw an influencer use it. Join the conversation on Twitter. Gray, social media manager, Live Nation. If you create your own tag, do something around it get people to use it, like a [contest] for free branded swag, [where people] just use the hashtag to enter the contest.

Use Facebook Live.