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These lessons were applicable to the devastation that followed the Bosnian conflict —95 , she said. The Interfaith Blessing Movement promotes marriages based on absolute sexual ethics as the key to creating an ideal family. There are three principles: Keep sexual purity until marriage; love and be faithful to your spouse at the risk of your life; and live for the sake of each other to enjoy a happy married life. She also pointed out that mothers and fathers have different strengths as parents.

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Walsh said. Education is needed to fulfill our responsibility as good citizens, he said; however, education has a dual nature. Kittel said schools teach young people to be a genius, but there is also a need to learn to be moral. Religious scriptures are the best teachers of what it means to be good. He gave numerous examples from the different faiths that encourage the development of good character. This is a universal principle, he said. God loves us. God is the only real giver of peace. It cannot be bought. If we want peace, then we must go to God. Parents must be sure to educate their children not just with facts and figures but with the education of heart.

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Peace will come when we put God in our hearts. The World Peace Road was introduced by a video.

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Thomas G. Walsh, who serves as chair of the World Peace Road Foundation, then spoke about the practical need for the world to become one family, not just in a philosophical way. The world must become connected through an international system of transport, maritime trade, highways, tunnels, roads — the arteries and veins of the world, he said.

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These projects are part of the International Peace Highway, which first was proposed by Rev. Moon to an audience of leading international scholars, including Nobel laureates, at the 10 th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences held in Seoul on November 10, WFWP was founded in by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. It has projects in more than countries. Most of the volunteers are women.

The prime work is in the improvement of the status of women, eradication of poverty and education based on the Sustainable Development Goals. Session VIII provided an opportunity to hear reflections on the benefits and outcomes of the ILC, as well as recommendations for the ongoing work of UPF, through its many projects and affiliated organizations. He emphasized that the safest course is moderation, not extremism. At the same time, he admitted, we cannot make peace from a position of weakness. Grida Duma , a member of parliament, Albania, said the UPF organization is to be praised for taking on the task of bridging the political and religious realms of society.

She described the situation in the Balkans and her country of Albania, which were under communist control for four decades. Fear controlled the people, she said.


Morality and beliefs were absent under communism. History has shown that progress can come only through freedom. Leaders are needed to lead from the conscience. Poor governance and corruption are other major problems. We must incorporate these endeavors; then surely progress will follow. Rakotomamonjy said he wants to work with UPF to achieve interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values in his country.

Thurston called on the participants to open their hearts to other faiths and backgrounds. We must have the peace of God that centers our hearts and minds on Him. Let us extend our peace to everyone we come in contact with. Sumana Siri , chief sangha nayaka Buddhist cardinal for the United Kingdom and Europe, reminded his colleagues that it is better to unite and respect our differences and beliefs.

Give respect, take respect.

He noted that there are many contradictions in society: for example, the United Nations is not united, and the Commonwealth is not common. The speaker concluded his remarks by singing the Korean song of unity, Tongil. The conference then closed with a Farewell Banquet.

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  4. Introduction Despite the long history of peace and war, it was only in the nineteenth century that peace and conflict organizations in different formats emerged in the international scenario. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Burton, J. Readings in management and resolution. New York: St. Google Scholar.

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    Cochrane, F. People power: The role of the voluntary and community sector in the Northern Ireland conflict. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press. Galtung, J. Violence, peace and peace research. Journal of Peace Research, 6 3 , — We deliver on this high principle by devising country-level Decent Work Programmes.

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    Our aim is to ensure everyone has dignity at work, equality, meaning, protection and justice. We are the only UN agency that brings the voices of governments, workers and employers together — to set international labour standards and promote fundamental principles and rights at work. In , the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland was inaugurated and opened using three keys, representing governments, employers and workers. This was symbolic of the tri-partite nature of the ILO, representing the three voices of the constituents, but it was also a very powerful statement of the purpose and cooperation needed to advance social justice and peace.

    Indeed, the ILO has offered the world of work a process of bargaining and negotiation to replace violent conflict as a means of securing more human and dignified conditions of work. The ILO has three major tasks, the first of which is the development and adoption of international labour standards, called Conventions and Recommendations, for ratification by member States.

    Second major task, which has also steadily expanded in the last two decades, is that of development cooperation, cooperation to assist nations in implementation of these labour standards. Third is knowledge creation and sharing -- done by way of extensive research, providing training, educational modules, and publications.

    We have travelled far in these years. By advocating tripartism and social dialogue, rights and labour standards, equality and non-discrimination, social protection, working conditions, skills for the future of work and more.