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For the purposes of this Report , the Subcommittee adopts the following definition: the conviction of a person who is factually innocent of the crime for which he or she was convicted i. The format of this update largely mirrors the version and updates and enhances those recommendations where necessary.

However, three chapters from the Report have been eliminated: Chapter 2 - International Review there have simply been so many developments in this area around the globe it is impossible to summarize them in one chapter ; Chapter 3 - Canadian Commissions of Inquiry there have been no such inquiries since ; Chapter 8 - DNA Evidence the very few developments in this area are discussed in Chapter 6 Forensic Evidence.

As well, the Subcommittee has added three new chapters to highlight emerging issues that it believes are deserving of greater attention. Charter 9 discusses the perils of Crown advocacy and common errors that may lead to wrongful convictions. Chapter 8 examines the issue of false guilty pleas in Canada.

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Chapter 10 discusses the vulnerability of particular groups in society - women, Indigenous Canadians, young persons - to wrongful convictions. The goal of that chapter is not to provide an exhaustive examination of all of these groups but rather to highlight growing research that suggests that certain populations may be particularly vulnerable to wrongful convictions. It is acknowledged that poverty, mental illness and race are also factors that can contribute to a person being unjustly accused and convicted.

By focusing on certain at-risk populations in this chapter, the Subcommittee is attempting to acknowledge that certain segments of the population experience wrongful conviction for reasons unique to that specific group and that more research is required in this area.

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It is important to emphasize that, given the mandate of this Subcommittee, the main purpose of these reports is to highlight what police and prosecutors can do to prevent wrongful convictions. However, some of the issues identified in the research as playing a role in wrongful convictions are systemic, broad and interconnected, and implicate other criminal justice system participants, including federal and provincial governments.

For example, in some cases, the research points to action that could be taken by governments such as legislative change or by other criminal justice system participants to reduce the risks of wrongful convictions.

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The Subcommittee considers it in the public interest not to ignore these observations from experts in the field despite the focus of its mandate. In , 13 years after the first report was released publicly, there is a high level of awareness within the police and Crown communities in Canada about the causes of wrongful convictions and what can be done to prevent them. Strolling toward them from the tent Beaufort… Archer burst into a laugh, and May echoed it… Chapter 22 He could not see beyond the craving… Chapter 23 She drew out a little gold - faced watch… Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Once established before the grate… Chapter 27 Chapter 28 The Welland sons would of course… Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Archer's heart was beating violently… Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 When he entered the drawing - room… Chapter 34 It was the day after their arrival in Paris… As Archer listened, his sense of inadequacy… Total Playing Time: Composition Title.

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