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And with a success rate of less than thirty percent of people who actually live up to their potential, who can blame him? But when Fabio meets Sara, an exceptional human being on the path of Destiny, and falls in love, he begins to think he may have judged humanity a little harshly. So Fabio decides to take a more personal interest in his people rather than just relying on the computer program he currently uses to assign fates and goes from being a disinterested bystander to active participant in their lives.

But Jerry reminds Fabio that he is forbidden to directly intervene in human affairs and Fabio learns the harsh lesson of unintended consequences. If you like irreverent humor, and it doesn't get more irreverent than calling God "Jerry" the "oh my Jerry" moments never fail to crack me up , then you should like "Fated" quite a bit. The story has a brisk, infectious pace that make this a really quick read.

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The constant introduction of "new" immortals to the mix gives the book a feeling of newness that never goes away. And as you get into the flow of Browne's writing style you can't wait to see how each character is personified-- and it's not what you'd expect. It might be strangely appropriate that Justice is a sociopath, but I can't say I expected Karma to be an alcoholic. Despite its subject matter, "Fated" isn't a deep book. If you're looking for insight into the idea of Fate, Destiny or Karma you might be disappointed as "Fated" is far too breezy to spend any time on anything too heavy.

I like the way Fabio spells out the difference between Fate and Destiny, and how one might change their assigned fate, but it's not the stuff of religious epiphanies. Despite the fact that Fabio has been around, forever, and seen it all literally he's a simple immortal in a meat suit made to order by Ingenuity. Humans largely baffle him and most of his existence has been spent entertaining himself with other immortals.

Sara's character is also mostly one-dimensional. We know she's special because she's on the path of Destiny, but other specifics regarding her personality are limited to the fact that people smile when they see her and her fondness for take-out food. But as a light diversion, "Fated" absolutely works. The pace is so skillfully done that the story never bogs down and it's one of those books that'll make you lose a day on the couch because you continually want to know what happens next. I don't know if Browne intends to spend any more time with the immortals introduced in "Fated," but if he does-- I'm in.

Oct 10, Jennifer Melzer rated it it was amazing. The thing about Fated is I was scared to read it. I loved S. Browne's debut novel, Breathers, so much I wanted to savor that love forever, and was actually a little worried his new novel Fated wouldn't live up to my ridiculously high expectations. Boy, was that stupid. From page one of Fated, I was completely sucked into the narrative voice of Fate, known to his friends as Fabio.

The thing about Fate is he's confused and tired of the same ole, same ole.

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I mean what can you expect from an immortal The thing about Fated is I was scared to read it. I mean what can you expect from an immortal who's been guiding the fates of mankind since Jerry created Earth. Yeah, I said Jerry. That's God's real name.

I bet you didn't know that. Fabio's lackadaisical approach to his humans takes a turn when he finds himself intervening with a beautiful woman named Sara who's not on his path.

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The thing about Sara is she's on the path of Destiny, and Fabio can't see her future. Unfortunately, Jerry's rule number one says the Immortals aren't supposed to get involved with humans, but Sara is everywhere and before long it's impossible for Fabio not to involve himself. He stalks her, learns everything about her and breaks another immortal rule by falling in love with her.

And breaking this rule when it comes to Sara triggers something inside Fabio that prompts him to interfere like he's never done before. Before he knows it, he's altering the future outcome of his fated charges, even sending some of them off his path and into Destiny's care. Imagine, if you will, all those things that make human life what it is Secrecy is paranoid. Sloth is a narcoleptic. Death a necrophobic.

Irony is all over this book, and it's a beautiful thing. Fabio's compelling voice leads you into this every day world chock full of cynicism, sarcasm and truth, painting a modern portrait of self-absorbed mankind placating his mediocrity with materialism and rampant sexuality. While the narrative is similar in style to the main character in Breathers, it is unique in that the voice defines Fabio perfectly. He's both relative and intangible, and the characters he interacts with provide a great deal of food for thought.

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The thing about Fated is it's literature. It's a classic waiting to be assigned to the reading list in college courses like American Lit And I can't believe I was afraid to read it. I'm actually a little bit ashamed because the amazing narrative of Breathers itself was indication that S. Browne is an author to be reckoned with, a voice from the void of humanity that begs to be heard.

So listen, and read. You won't be disappointed. Fate is disillusioned with his five and a half billion humans. However, one day he meets Sara, a human and falls in love. Which means his broken rule 1 — never get involved with humans. The story takes us through his relationship with Sara, which is touching and funny. I really liked Fate, also known as Fabio when on Earth. I thought the way the author integrated Destiny, Death, Gluttony, Sloth among others, and even God, known as Jerry , into the story was brilliantly done. They all had personalities which went along with their name.

Some passages where Fate was venting his anger about the stupidity of his billions of humans went on a bit too long. I was also saddened to see that all the humans were portrayed as pretty awful. There was one particular passage where Fate was in a church and he could see the futures of all the people that were there — he listed them: adulterers, pedophiles, school drop-outs, unhappy housewives. Not one was happy or good or kind. Humanity is bad but surely not that bad! It was touching to see him grow and learn and ultimately see hope.

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It's also funny, quirky, warm-hearted and hugely entertaining, which made this book hard to put down. I would definitely recommend it! Feb 23, Deborah rated it it was ok Shelves: pleasure-reading. The story starts to break down with the introduction of the Sara character.

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While it soon becomes obvious that she is "destined" for something great by repeated mentioning from the main character , the reader can't help but wonder if there is a lot of the author in the Sara character. Or if she is meant for the reader to insert themselves in her place. She is that sh "Fated" starts out decently enough, the premise that all attributes, sins, emotions and life paths are personified is intriguing. She is that shallow, boring and one-dimensional. Once her future is revealed, the reader can't help but wonder why this woman was picked.

Sure, the readers are told ad nauseum how amazing she is and how she does a few good deeds and how people are magically drawn to her, but not enough is shown to lead the reader to believe these things. Instead, the reader is left with the impression that she is a sex-starved maniac and that is all she craves from the main character. There is also the issue with how the novel ended. There is such a slow buildup to the denouement that when it happens, it happens too quickly. The reader has to sit through five pages of depressing dreck only to have three quick pages of resolution.

And what a whammy the resolution is. Without giving it away, let this reader say that I groaned out loud in frustration when the major reveal was revealed. Over all, "Fated" was an intriguing read with great potential of being a great book- yet the author fell down on the job with this one. The writing was interesting enough to keep me reading, but once I finished the novel I felt like I wasted valuable brain space on this novel.

Nov 21, Lauren rated it it was ok. Fate — preferred moniker, Fabio — is an immortal in charge of the life paths for 83 percent of humans. Then he meets a mortal who happens to be on the path of Destiny and, despite it being against the rules, falls in love.