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Auto-renewal may be turned off in your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. You can also manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. You must always consult your physician or doctor before starting any fitness program.

How the Slim-Down Challenge Works

Follow us! We went an extra mile to put a cherry on top of your fitness experience! And if you are new and are unsure how to do a certain exercise it breaks it down with a detailed description and video along with the work out! Even gives you set days for full body, and troubled areas to set throughout the week. And cardio also. Making it super easy! As well as keeping track of how much weight you are losing. Even sends you notifications to not forgot your work out routine.

One thing I really do like also is that it will ask you after each work out if it was too easy, too hard or just enough for you! Because not everybody is the same!

I Took a 6-Week Fitness Challenge and Here's What I Learned

Hi there! We are truly grateful for your warm feedback. And it's cool to hear you're training with us. Keep working out and you will achieve great results! UP Amsterdam. UP Manchester.


UP Marbella. UP Cheshire.

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UP London Kensington. All Categories. Fat Loss Losing Fat 55 View all. Bodybuilding Training View all.

Bodybuilding All Training View all. Diet All 80 Nutrition 61 Supplements 19 View all. Visit blog. UP Life. UP in the Kitchen. Fat Loss Losing Fat 3 View all. Bodybuilding Training 24 View all. Bodybuilding All 24 Training 24 View all. Diet All 6 Nutrition 2 Supplements 4 View all. Exercise Videos. Not sure what you'll get, check out the choices here. What was Lindsey like health-wise when she came to UP?

Can injury be a big stumbling block for people coming in to train at UP? Is it important to get the movements correct and have someone like yourself, who is a professional, in dealing with clients with injuries?

The 6-Week Fat-Melting Workout Plan

Did you have to create an individualised plan? What diet changes did you have to make?

How to Lose Weight in 5 Days Without Going Hungry

What made her transformation so quick and so successful? Achieve your goals with us! Contact us for more information about our products and services. Fat Loss Diet. Happily, this will be a bedtime chore and, over the next six weeks, should become as routine as brushing yout teeth. To make it a bit simpler and to get your hormones working in your favor, drop all carbohydrates from your final meal of the day—every day—to slash calories. When you go to bed with a lower blood-sugar level as a result of avoiding carbs in your last meal, the body is more apt to increase its production of growth hormone GH , which accelerates fat loss by mildly increasing the metabolism and boosting muscle growth.

Also, try adding arginine to your list of supplements to increase GH levels. Arginine, which converts to nitric oxide in the body and increases blood flow, has also been shown to boost the release of GH and support metabolism. In addition to supplementing with g in the morning on an empty stomach, take g of arginine before going to bed. Many cut-up plans use the shock-and-awe method: They require not only drastic diet alterations but long, heavy bouts of cardio.

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  8. Losing fat is the cumulative result of what you eat, how you eat and how much you eat, coupled with hardcore weight training. Yet cardio certainly has its place as a stimulus. Used in moderation, cardio allows you to get over fat-loss plateaus without altering your diet too much. This week, do two moderate sessions yes, just two of minutes apiece. If you try to force fat off, it can backfire, with the body downgrading its metabolism and the amount of calories it burns in response to exercise and diet. Unfortunately, muscle tissue is often its first source.

    You can reduce that effect by increasing your regular protein intake by 50g per day.