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Watch this space for more information. Central Vic Climate Action is gearing up to coordinate collective effective action as an antidote to despair and anger. Us oldies have been inspired and uplifted by those pesky Castlemaine young folk- hundreds of whom have consistently walked out of school calling for real action in a climate emergency.

To show our appreciation and support we are planning to hold a party for them on Friday July 19th. We have hired two local bands made up of school strikers and a hall. We plan to do all the work and provide the refreshments etc so they can party. Put the date in your diary or call Bernie or e: bernard. Planning meetings, workshops and actions help us get some of the way but they are only part of the story. Our relationships need nurturing and our ideas, stories and reflections need to be shared so we can build a clearer picture of where we are going and how to get there.

So every Fourth Friday of the month come along for a pot luck meal bring what you can to share and join the discussion. The next one is on a Saturday…. No bookings required — just rock up on the day. This is a free event and everyone is welcome. Habitat loss is the single greatest threat to woodland birds, and is exacerbated by other threats including invasive pest plants and animals, and climate change.

Connecting Country is working with volunteer landholders across the region to support restoration of priority habitat on their properties. The main focus of this three-year project is weed and rabbit control to promote natural regeneration of native species. Connecting Country has met with selected landholders to assess their properties and develop management actions tailored to their needs. Bring : water, snacks, binoculars, hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, weather-appropriate gear. The walk will go for about three hours.

Bring a thermos and snacks to share.

Beginners very welcome. On a cold June night in Rochester, 80 people from regional communities came together to warm up discussion about the weather and climate. Goodwill was abundant, leaving people inspired to tackle challenges around climate risk. Another upcoming session is a full day workshop to expand ideas and projects in relation to changes in weather. Specifically, to support local solutions: gain tips, tricks and resources to help make your project happen.

An inspiring day to clarify your thinking and connect with others. Participation for this event is FREE. Central Victoria abounds with Repair Cafes.

Find your nearest cafe and bring along your household, garden, clothing, bicycle, and other items to the skilled and generous team of repairers. Reduce waste, learn new skills and get to know your community. The digital Villages platform will connect groups of neighbours together across Greater Bendigo to build relationships, share free resources and skills, run events together and communicate with each other collectively and individually.

Villages aims to create an epidemic of belonging which is owned together! A car sharing project is also being developed which will offer car sharing vehicles by the hour to organisations and individuals, saving time, money, hassle and reducing the number of cars on Bendigo roads. With a diverse range of films, audiences will come face to face with extraordinary real-life characters, real-life stories and real-world problems.

The festival connects audiences with many of the film directors, key contributors, and specialist panels to uncover the stories behind the stories, providing a deep and enriching experience. The festival boasts a world premiere screening, an Australian premiere screening, a Victorian cinema premiere screening and an exclusive event screening with notable Australian writer, Man Booker prize winner Richard Flanagan, appearing live in Castlemaine. This film is about so much more than football, as it delves into racial vilification, and the conversation will continue after the screening with Marngrook Footy Show host, Leila Gurruwiwi.

In June this year Newstead residents gathered to discuss their experience of living through drier, hotter summers, like this past one, and how to manage future ones. Talking Summer was an informal gathering providing a forum for people to talk about their fears and ideas for living well in a changed climate. Two initiatives have emerged. Results of the grant submission will be known at the end of July. Second, an offer by Sandon local Ross Uebergang, a Swinburne University Lecture of Landscape Design, for his students to research and design a township treescape plan for Newstead with the aim of giving more shade and cooler zones around the most active precincts.

Baringhup community members were delighted to win their seven-year battle against controversial broiler farm development. She put it down to a very resilient group of people that would not give up. It is also a healthy way to live for you and your family. Last year, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance set out to create a book telling the stories of farmers who are making change in the food system.

With the support of the food sovereignty community and contributions from 8 diverse small-scale farmers across Australia, we published Farming Democracy: Radically Transforming the Food System from the Ground Up.

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The book shines a light on the real value — and costs — of growing food that is good for farmers, land, animals, and communities. It is a book for those on the land, those aspiring to farm, and those simply wanting to know more about alternatives to the industrialised corporate agricultural system. We hope it will inspire more people to join the food sovereignty movement, and provide practical insights for those interested in small-scale and agroecological farming. The stories offer a great insight into the opportunities and challenges of regenerative farming in Australia, for those already on the land or wanting to know more about alternatives to the industrial food system.

An inspiring and revealing read for farmers, aspiring farmers, and eaters alike! The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance are keen to share Farming Democracy with other supporters of good food, to celebrate the work of these change-making farmers and to help AFSA support more small-scale and regenerative farmers around Australia.

Few vocations can destroy civilization as fast as farming… We all need to immerse ourselves in the stories of those who dare to follow a different trajectory that benefits the soil, the people, and the planet. Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms.

What’s On – Localising Leanganook

His poem, Ballad of the Stop Adani Convoy is inspired by that journey. Connecting Country is sharing bird and mammal data so it can be useful to all. The Victorian Biodiversity Atlas VBA is a web-based information system designed to manage information about native and species present in Victoria.

It shows where wildlife is now and how this has changed over time. It provides a core input to government processes, decisions and programs that impact native species. Adding records to the VBA is also a way to influence a range of government investment, regulation and management decisions. Please click here to see the position description for this role, or feel free to contact jess connectingcountry. Eucalypts are the iconic tree of the Australian continent. They are the foundation of many Australian ecosystems and also underpin important industries.

Since European settlement many Eucalypt species have declined dramatically. A river red gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis at Simpsons Gap, Northern Territory photo by Jaana Dielenberg The Threatened Species Recovery Hub is undertaking a nation-wide assessment of the conservation status of Australian eucalypt, which includes the genera Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora. The assessment will help conservation managers to understand which species are at risk and will also underpin a national conservation action plan for Australian eucalypts.

Yellow Gum Eucalyptus leucoxylon is one of our local eucalypts worthy of a photo. Mass flowering of this species is still continuing across our region, and it makes a stunning specimen to photograph for its smooth yellowish bark sometimes rough at the base and well formed shapely buds in threes. We are looking for submissions in three categories: Trees, Flowers and nuts, and Features bark, foliage or anything else of artistic merit.

The best photos will be included in the National Action Plan for Australian Eucalypts, an online photo exhibition and in other materials that promote the findings of the assessment and the national action plan. Humanity is only beginning to awaken to the true magnitude of the crisis on hand…nothing less than a miracle is needed to heal our world….. The recent convergence of crises — in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics, the environment and more — is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.


Most of us have never met before but are united by our concern about our planet. Australia is in the thick of the climate crisis. Prolonged drought cripples farming communities. Flash flooding is creating chaos in cities.

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Heatwaves are sweeping the nation. Half the Great Barrier Reef is dead. A Federal Election is around the corner but our politicians have lost touch with the people they were elected to represent — us! We feel sick when we see and hear about the climate impacts that are already devastating communities here and all around the world.

Tens of thousands of students across Australia and around the world will join us. There has never been a more urgent time to demand the climate action we all deserve. For further information: anitra. This farm tour and music event will raise funds for Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance AFSA to continue working for ethical and sustainable farmers across Australia and the world.

All proceeds support a legal defence fund for small scale farmers; govt submissions on EU-FTA, Sugar Tax etc; lobbying for scale-appropriate regulation; an end to factory farming; global food sovereignty work; and other related issues. The focus was on biodiversity and climate change and the civil society representatives were fighting hard to get a shift agroecology firmly on the global agenda. Read about it here. Enjoy local food, music, farm tour and more. Climate Flags symbolise community support for action on climate change.