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She thought he worked "immensely hard" at politics, but essentially, she surmises, it was for fun—"the fun of a brilliant artist". He was no originator of ideas. He was an insatiable adopter and adapter, an incomparable prestidigitator with the thoughts of the forerunners. By bending to their service all the faculties of a powerful mind, by inextinguishable wit, and by every artifice of argument, he carried their thoughts as far as they would reach—so far beyond their sources that they came to us with the vitality of the newly created. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Bernard Shaw disambiguation. Irish playwright, critic and polemicist, influential in Western theatre. Shaw in , by Alvin Langdon Coburn. Playwright critic polemicist political activist. Charlotte Payne-Townshend m. We desire to record that we saw nowhere evidence of economic slavery, privation, unemployment and cynical despair of betterment.

Everywhere we saw [a] hopeful and enthusiastic working-class The loss of his wife was more profoundly felt than he had ever imagined any loss could be: for he prided himself on a stoical fortitude in all loss and misfortune. See also: List of works by George Bernard Shaw. Play media.

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Shaw was a poseur and a puritan; he was similarly a bourgeois and an antibourgeois writer, working for Hearst and posterity; his didacticism is entertaining and his pranks are purposeful; he supports socialism and is tempted by fascism. Shaw, arguably the most important English-language playwright after Shakespeare, produced an immense oeuvre , of which at least half a dozen plays remain part of the world repertoire. Academically unfashionable, of limited influence even in areas such as Irish drama and British political theatre where influence might be expected, Shaw's unique and unmistakable plays keep escaping from the safely dated category of period piece to which they have often been consigned.

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Stewart, professor of music at Trinity College , denounced him as a charlatan, and succeeded in driving him out. He was also a teetotaller and non-smoker, and was known for his habitual costume of unfashionable woollen clothes, made for him by Jaeger. Stone of Chicago. Sachs, Bernard Stern and Sally Peters, believe Shaw was a repressed homosexual, and that after Jenny Patterson all his relationships with women, including his marriage, were platonic.

Shaw chose it as his pen name because he thought it seemed dashing: "it sounded like a foreign title and nobody knew what a corno di bassetto was". Only later did he hear one played, after which he declared it "a wretched instrument [of] peculiar watery melancholy. The devil himself could not make a basset horn sparkle". He insisted that it was Gilbert who was heartless, while he himself was constructive. His plays would thus have no place in the Irish theatre movement". Kavanagh added, "an important part of Shaw's plays was political argument, and Yeats detested this quality in dramatic writing.

Lipscomb , who had also worked on adapting Shaw's text. Barrie , who accepted it.

Shaw later said he would have refused it if offered, just as he refused the offer of a knighthood. Tree and then with film producers, to prevent it being returned to stock with a 'happy' ending. This was a battle Shaw was to lose posthumously when the sugar-coated musical comedy adaptation, Lerner and Loewe's My Fair Lady , went on to make more money for the Shaw estate than all his plays put together. Here we reach a colon; and a pointed pository phrase, in which the accent falls decisively on the relative pronoun, brings us to the first full stop.

Matthews credits Shaw with a successful campaign against the two-hundred-year-old tradition of editing Shakespeare into "acting versions", often designed to give star actors greater prominence, to the detriment of the play as a whole. Although death duties severely reduced the residuary sum, royalties from My Fair Lady later boosted the income of the estate by several million pounds.

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Lady Molly & The Snapper: a Young Adult time travel adventure, set in Ireland and on the high seas

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