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As mysteries began to achieve wide public interest in the '30s and '40s, many of their evolutionary "hard-boiled" elements developing a public appetite for heightened-realism began to appear in other genres. Wells ' novel The Sleeper Awakes. Placing mythical creatures in a contemporary setting, Charles G. Finney 's celebrated [9] experimental novel The Circus of Dr. Lao was a dark-ish examination of the people resident in an Arizona town without being moralizing [10].

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Beagle The Last Unicorn - Precursors of urban fantasy may also be discerned in the work of Manly Wade Wellman , especially his John Thunstone stories written during the s. Wellman has been noted by many current authors for bringing contemporary characters and American settings into the fantasy and horror genres [11]. The prolific L. Sprague de Camp and his writing partner - war-game inventor Fletcher Pratt - explored urban material with their stories of Harold Shea in the '40's and Gavagan's Bar tales in the '50s.

Isaac Asimov 's Azazel stories, most of which were written in the s, take some of their urban character of his mystery stories initially published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine during the twenty years before that. In the post-war political climate, deft use of satire and humor as well as friendships with sci-fi editors enabled publication of works like 's novel The Space Merchants and 's Gladiator-At-Law.

This political orientation helped overcome many writers' aversion to working in genres where violence, apolitical or reactionary views were the norm; and pacifism, internationalism, and feminism were held in contempt. Independently, Milwaukee's Clifford D. Simak began to eschew violence and introduce inhuman perspectives in his 's and 's works, as well as using supernatural characters like werewolves The Werewolf Principle - , and ghosts, leprechauns, and trolls ' The Goblin Reservation - A significant part of Philip K.

Dick 's writing also may be categorized with early urban fantasy eg: The Little Movement. And less-celebrated authors also made significant contributions to defining the field: Daniel Keyes initial version of Flowers for Algernon was published in , introducing the use of an undescribed 'scientific technology' as a device for suspension of disbelief.

Chester Anderson wrote The Butterfly Kid in , and Michael Kurland 's book The Unicorn Girl came out in ; both utilize the terminology of science as a cloak for magic. Finally, many of the "second wave" feminist authors writing in the early s chose to operate in the established fantasy and science-fiction genres, and particularly bringing those genre characteristics into the young-adult market which had been a haven for women writers.

As a result, readers of Ursula K. Also, Marion Zimmer Bradley was heavily involved with fantasy and s-f fandom for years. The show featured a Chicago newspaper reporter uncovering and usually single-handedly battling supernatural creatures e. This series originated with the movie The Night Stalker and thus predates by approximately 15 yearsi the early usage of the term "Urban Fantasy. The term began to describe a style of fiction only in the late s and early s.

Several publications and writers have cited authors Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison as notable contributors to the genre. Author Courtney Allison Moulton has cited Hamilton's early works among her inspirations.

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While adult urban fantasy novels may stand-alone like Mulengro by Charles de Lint or Emma Bull 's War for the Oaks , the economics of the market favor series characters, and genre-crossing allows sales along multiple lines. Many urban-fantasy novels are told via a first-person narrative , and often feature mythological beings, romance , and female protagonists who are involved in law enforcement or vigilantism. Hamilton 's Anita Blake series—which follows the investigations of a supernatural Federal Marshal during paranormal cases—has been called a substantial and influential work of the genre.

In addition to books which present largely independent characters, certain stories feature men and women who are regularly partnered on adventures—often with an underlying romantic element. The Jaz Parks series , by Jennifer Rardin , follows the titular CIA operative and her vampire boss as they combat supernatural threats to national security. In contrast to the "professional heroes" found in adult urban-fantasy novels, many novels aimed at young adult audiences follow inexperienced protagonists who are unexpectedly drawn into paranormal struggles.

Amidst these conflicts, characters often gain allies, find romance, and, in some cases, develop or discover supernatural abilities of their own. Boarding schools are a common setting in teen urban fantasy. Rampant , by Diana Peterfreund , follows a group of young women at a cloisters as they train to fight killer unicorns.

In an online commentary, author Jeannie Holmes described differences between urban fantasy and paranormal romance : [6]. However, the main differences are this: Urban fantasy focuses on an issue outside of a romantic relationship between two characters. Paranormal romance focuses on a romantic relationship between two characters and how outside forces affect that relationship.

The best litmus test to determine if a story is urban fantasy or paranormal romance is to ask the following question: 'If the romance between Character A and Character B were removed, would the plot still stand as a viable storyline? If the answer is 'no,' it's most likely paranormal romance. Use of other forms of media has become a common part of the creation and promotion of urban-fantasy works. Several urban-fantasy authors cite music as an inspiration.

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Maas , who couple their recommendations with links to music-providing services. Original music is also produced. Book trailers are often used to promote urban-fantasy novels. To blend in enough to reach her target, Joan must seek help from Simon Grenville to teach her how to become the perfect Victorian woman. Prince of Power , by Elisabeth Staab Few rivalries have lasted longer than the one between vampires and wizards. An enemies to lovers romance between two strong individuals from warring families. Prism , by Nina Walker Prism has an interesting concept that will make readers want to know more.

The cover is also pretty gorgeous. In Prism , colors are directly related to alchemy, and young alchemist Jessa is undergoing her training under Prince Lucas. While Jessa just wants to complete her apprenticeship, Lucas is in desperate need to uncover the magic needed to heal his ailing mother, and time is running out. A unique take on the typical magic and alchemy young adult narrative, with a charming prince and an ambitious heroine.

The Red , by Tiffany Reisz Tiffany Reisz knows how to write a darn good mysterious and erotic romance. Mona Lisa St. Her abilities with fire are starting to become dangerous, surging and sparking beyond her control. William de Brus has been sent by the king to track down this destructive magical force and is completely taken off guard once he realizes the magic is coming from a woman. She lands in Tremont City, where a tough assignment is waiting for her from her newest employer, Jeremy Tremont.

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His family has built their estate on an ancient, cursed plot of land, a land that has many secrets, and he needs her help. Malachi is tasked with protecting the human race, that tattooed words and images on his skin imbued with magic.

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He just hopes he can convince her before someone takes Ava for their own, greedy purposes. Though when people start disappearing and dying around Venetia, Gabriel takes a keen interest in getting to know the photographer a little more intimately.

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  6. Give Sex and the Psychic Witch a try! An opposites attract, slapstick romance with a pushy witch and a stuffy hero! The magic is interesting and the setting will be familiar to many historical romance fans. If you prefer a more subdued romance, this is a series that just keeps getting better and better. The covers also look beautiful on any bookshelf. However, the only man who could possibly help her is that last man who wants to see her.

    Ianthe is the one responsible for having the Earl of Rathbourne locked away in Bedlam. He has zero desire to aid her in finding the relic, but the promise of freedom is too tempting to resist. However, Rathbourne has a few conditions of his own that will lead Ianthe to his bedroom, night after night. And by more, I mean some rather adorable magic. Morgan is no ordinary, maidenly woman. She knows she has a duty and along her quest, she meets Miach, a man with his own reasons for protecting the kingdom of Neroche.

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    Morgan is wary of Miach at first, but with the trials of their journey ahead, distrust slowly gives way to respect and then to romance. Stars of Fortune , by Nora Roberts Nora Roberts is another author who has some great magical romances to read. Sasha Riggs is an artist plagued with visions of people destined to save the world. Her only solace is to paint what she sees and she soon realizes that the people in her visions are very real, including the magician, Bran Killian.

    Nora Fischer is supposed to be busy working on her dissertation, not getting herself sucked into a portal to another world where her life is transformed.