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Most scholars agree that it was used by St. Matthew and St.

Although the text lacks literary polish, it is simple and direct, and, as the earliest Gospel, it is the primary source of information about the ministry of Jesus. The final passage in Mark —20 is omitted in some manuscripts, including the two oldest, and a shorter passage is substituted in others. Many scholars believe that these last verses were not written by Mark, at least not at the same time as the balance of the Gospel, but were added later to account for the Resurrection. Jesus refers to himself only as the Son of Man, and, while tacitly acknowledging St.

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Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible

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The Book of Joshua 24 7. The Book of Judges 21 8. The Book of Ruth 4 85 9. The First Book of Samuel 31 The Second Book of Samuel 24 The First Book of Kings 22 The Second Book of Kings 25 The First Book of Chronicles 29 The Second Book of Chronicles 36 The Book of Ezra 10 The Book of Nehemiah 13 Wisdom Literature The Book of Job 42 1, The Book of Psalms 2, The Book of Proverbs 31 The Book of Ecclesiastes 12 Donate Contact.

Books of the Bible

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A translation designed for readability and the best general meaning can get you through large chunks quickly, while a more literal translation lends itself to word accuracy at the price of smooth reading. Get some handy help. Use a study Bible or a simple Bible handbook that offers an outline and a brief introduction to each book of the Bible library. Search the Scriptures will take you through the whole Bible library in three years. Each daily section includes three questions to help you get into the text.

Another good investment is the New Bible Commentary. Find a friend or join in with a group of people who are also interested. Find a small-group Bible study that is serious about digging into these books and other parts of the Bible. Get organized: find a routine. Here are just a few Bible reading plans to get you started:. Read broadly, study deeply. Reading broadly is a good way to get an overview.

Find more Bible study resources at InterVarsity.

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Regular Bible reading just got easier with Thirsty , an online devotional delivered to your inbox or smart phone. Watch the promo video and sign up to water your spirit daily! Grab your friends and go online for Launch , 10 online Bible studies featuring 10 common questions about faith. Author Sean Gladding spins the epic biblical tale with compelling creativity and refreshing style. Your soul is a living thing that needs nurture, care and attention.

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But what exactly does a soul need? Doubt can creep up or hit us hard and fast. Skip to main content. How do I start reading the Bible? Other helpful tips: 1.