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You must receive written confirmation from the appropriate EU office indicating that the applicant is traveling on official EU business. See also 9 FAM Therefore, visas must not be placed in these travel documents. You may also call the applicant in for an interview. This should generally be done in situations where fraud concerns warrant a delay in processing. U Under the provisions of 22 CFR Pursuant to 22 CFR Waiver of personal appearance does not automatically include waiver of fingerprints; these are two separate requirements.

Only certain classes of nonimmigrants are exempt from fingerprinting requirements under 9 FAM Qualification for a diplomatic type or official type visa of any other nonimmigrant visa classification does not provide waiver or exemption from fingerprinting requirements. Posts may also wish to interview non-resident visa applicants, particularly those who could have applied for a visa in their home country and who do not have a clear reason for seeking their visa elsewhere.

If the personal interview is waived for such applicants, posts should confirm that the applicant is physically present in the consular district before accepting the application. There is also no fee for a B-1 visa issued to individuals assigned, for any length of time, to an official observer mission to the United Nations or for B-2 visas issued to their family members. Moreover, aliens issued a diplomatic type visa regardless of visa classification , as described in 9 FAM This fee exemption is not accorded to recipients of official type visas under 9 FAM Limited Validity.

For example, a government employee with limited prior travel who will visit the United States on a one-time basis for a short period of time does not necessarily require a multi-year visa in order to conduct his or her official duties. U Immediate Family: The validity of an A, C-3, G, or NATO visa issued to an immediate family member of the principal alien should not exceed the validity of the principal alien's visa, unless the family member is independently classifiable as a principal alien entitled to A, C-3, G, or NATO visa classification.

Annotations for each visa classification should follow the guidance provided below.