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Troy's smirk widened. It will rock your world.

Nah, scratch that. It'll just burn it down instead. Catalina rolled her eyes.

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Yeah, that's what I wanted to do too, but I decided to let things play out. I tucked the pill into my jeans pocket.

Not because I had any intention of taking it but because Bria would no doubt be interested in it. Detective Bria Coolidge, one of Ashland's few good cops, actually cared about things like trying to keep drugs off the streets. I tried to help her out whenever I could, despite my own life of killing and crime.

That must be quite a joyride. Tired of the killing.

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Tired of the fighting. Tired of trying to survive.

And when one of her employees finds herself in a whole lot of trouble in the crosshairs of one of the more dangerous crime lords in the city, she has to wonder just how far this is her duty to fix? But Bria is also deeply involved and Gin can never abandon family. Even when that family is being reckless, foolish and perhaps more dedicated than she should be.

Fangs For The Fantasy: Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin #11) by Jennifer Estep

When Gin killed her nemesis in Heart of Venom it was clear we were going to have some books of transition. Gin getting used to her new reality, dealing with the fallout, dealing with some personal stuff, spending some time on the other characters and generally transitioning into a new story arc. Which we did. But Heart of Venom was book 5, Poison Promise is book The other books did everything I said — but in general the series was beginning to falter and become boring — as I mentioned in my review of The Spider. This book started and we had not one, but two enemies with weird powers which seems to have been something of an attempt to keep the last few books interesting , I expected the worst — another random assassination of the week book; not bad, but still leaving the series floundering.

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Yes, we seem to have turned a corner on several issues. Firstly, and most obviously, is the new big bad coming to town. Jennifer Estep. Product Details.

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