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The next day he's shown getting ready and then traveling to see her, all the while practicing what he will say to Ellie in his head. Once he arrives, standing across the street, he witnesses as a stranger attempts to speak to Ellie from behind. She does not respond until he taps her shoulder and she turns to sign to him, showing that she is deaf. She finally makes eye contact with Greenwood and they both smile. She finally waves and signs to ask him to cross the street. He smiles and nods as the screen fades to black. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Serena Armitage Shan Christopher Ogilvie. July 8, Galway Film Fleadh. Academy Awards [3]. Buyer beware.

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Real Estate flips do NOT happen in 3 days. You are NOT using their money Investing in stocks, research yourself. Do your homework! They get rich, not you. Amazing how many stupid people fall for this!

Opinions are my own. I watched one of his Netflix specials Honestly I think he's a great salesman teetering on being a con man You said it best about him thinking he's more enlightened than everyone else I noticed he just spouts off the first thing that comes to his head when he's trying to solve someone's deep problem and then acts like poof problem solved and his answer is like the word of God.

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  • Women of valor, conviction, and joie de vivre.
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I think he's a narcassist. My experience with TR was hearing his advertisement on TV. His voice was incredibly loud and super positive. Like one of those salesmen that are super over the top,big smiley teeth bleating at you like you're going to die if you dont buy their product. The second experience was driving down to the mountain with my 4 kids and my sister who put his tape on.

'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Having come from an environment where addiction and violence was rife and wanting to heal and grow,I listened, with no judgment. After I got back,I started feeling worse about myself. It all seemed unachievable and over the top. Its all about eating, exercise, money,positive, positive, positive. Wham wham thank you man. No frigging breathe to take,no space to allow processing to take place and most of all,self empowerment comes from within not by someone dictating what someone else should do. A good therapists helps you to uncover you and doesn't try telling you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to come back cos you still need me.

I feel that Tony himself is desperately trying to make money under the guise of fixing others and leading with his ego instead of healing himself.

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He has a desperation about him. Loosing his voice will be his greatest gift where he will have to truly sit with himself and listen. Regards S. I think you are spot on He is def still that abused boy down inside trying to speak and money his way into his own approval. I truly hope he is healed I attended one of his seminars in San Francisco when he first started out over 26 years ago for free. I traded advertising space for 2 bad seats way on top. His stuff worked and I was very successful within 5 yrs. I also received all of his tapes free and listen to them over thousand times.

I know his greatness, but I learned more off his tapes and reading his books. All the knowledge is in his CD's and books. Save thousand by skipping the hype and focus on the materials available online. He copied Jim Rome's work and took it to the highest levels. He is one of the greatest influential people on earth.

I have been considering going to one of the UPW seminars. I almost bought a ticket recently actually. This was very insightful. However, he's a business man, huge company, needs the sales. He's made such an impact on my life but I have no desire to see him live. It's like going to a star trek or flat earth convention.

We are also extremely economically driven. We believe that increasing wealth will solve all our problems. Sure, it'll pay all your bills, buy you some shit, but in the end, only the human connection can truly make us happy or fulfilled. I let go of my shit, i had money, but now i'm happily getting by on what I need.

After living in several developing countries My drive for money isn't there anymore. Think of it like this. Guys like him don't exist in the developing world.

'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

I'm not saying they live better than us. They don't, but man. They're so much happier than we'll ever be. For them relationships are important, for us chasing money and buying stupid shit is important.

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You have it figured out. I have it figured out. Tony doesn't have it figured out. Everything you said I'm generally very skeptical about people whose life story goes something like this: "I was uneducated and jobless and then I became a life coach, earned millions of money by helping people and I'm now rich and successful".