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Whenever we make decisions, from the prosaic to the profound what to make for dinner; which courses to take next semester; what career path to follow; whom to marry , we will make better ones when we intuit how to integrate heart and mind and let our rational and emotional sides blend into one.

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In the same way that one deliberately practices the piano in order to eventually play it effortlessly, through our everyday activities we train ourselves to become more open to experiences and phenomena so that eventually the right responses and decisions come spontaneously, without angst, from the heart-mind. Recent research into neuroscience is confirming that the Chinese philosophers are correct: Brain scans reveal that our unconscious awareness of emotions and phenomena around us are actually what drive the decisions we believe we are making with such logical rationality.

Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy by Bryan W. Van Norden

In one study viewers who were flashed a smile—even though it was shown too quickly for them to even realize they had seen it—perceived the things around them more positively. If the body leads, the mind will follow. While all this might sound like hooey-wooey self-help, much of what Puett teaches is previously accepted cultural wisdom that has been lost in the modern age. In research published in Psychological Science , social psychologist Amy Cuddy and her colleagues found that when we take a power stance stand with our legs apart, arms thrust out, taking up space , the pose does not only cause other people to view us as more confident and powerful; it actually causes a hormonal surge that makes us become more confident.

At the end of each class, Puett challenges his students to put the Chinese philosophy they have been learning into tangible practice in their everyday lives.

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I just want to give them a sense of what they can do daily to transform how they live. He asks them to take note of what happens next: how every action, gesture, or word dramatically affects how others respond to them.

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Then Puett asks them to pursue more of the activities that they notice arouse positive, excited feelings. In their papers and discussion sections students discuss what it means to live life according to the teachings of these philosophers. Self-cultivation is related to another classical Chinese concept: that effort is what counts the most, more than talent or aptitude.

To be interconnected, focus on mundane, everyday practices, and understand that great things begin with the very smallest of acts are radical ideas for young people living in a society that pressures them to think big and achieve individual excellence. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket. Condition: Very Good. Ships from Reno, NV. Book Description Shambhala. Condition: Used - Like New.

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Seller Inventory C Condition: New. Dimension: x x 9. Weight in Grams: Seller Inventory V Han Fei. Taking Lessons From Lao.

Inner Work. From Guanzi.

The 6 Books on Chinese Philosophy To Read

Mental Arts I. Mental Arts II. Purifying the Mind. Pi Rixiu. Huang Shi's Silk Text.


Zhang Shangying. Wenshi's Classic on Reality. Officer Xi. The Fisherman and the Woodcutter.

Shao Yong. Wittgenstein and Murdoch on the 'Net' in a Taoist Framework. Thomas T. Tominaga - - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 17 2 Timothy Freke - - Sterling Pub.